HanFab COBRA Carrier

The HanFab COBRA self propelled carrier was launched in 2015 to offer a safer and more capable carrier than others already on the market. We’ve invested a significant amount of engineering time into our carrier and incorporating finite element analysis to be sure our carrier is the strongest and longest lasting machine available. The implementation of an on board air compressor allows us to use the air brakes on the rear axles on the carrier, as well as the use of existing differential lockers. One benefit of using air for the brakes is that it does not rely on hydraulic pressure or mechanical couplings to come to a stop. In the event of a driveline or hydraulic failure, other carriers may free wheel out of control, but with a HanFab carrier, you have control of the air brakes to safely come to a stop. New for 2016 is the HanFab carrier slasher combo unit. We took our proven 60″ slasher saw and mounted it directly on the carrier frame, including the hydraulic flip-type butt plate. This versatile, all in one machine is only available from HanFab, where efficiency and production is #1.


  • On-board compressor for air brakes
  • Selectable differential lock for maximum traction
  • Char-Lynn 10,000 series drive motor
  • Eaton-Fuller transmission
  • Multiple tire sizes and wheel options
  • Grapple tow bar
  • Optional built in tool storage
  • Heavy duty axles
  • 1″ thick butt plate
  • Pintle hitch for towing slasher
  • Upright stakes for carrying wood
  • Side rail log support
  • Fully customizable to fit your specific knuckleboom loader


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