Optional Features

Saw Blades

  • Simonds International’s rich tradition of manufacturing innovation
  • Certified for proper blade tensioning and R.P.M.
  • Carbide insert teeth – industry tested “Kodiak/Future 2000”

Parker High Pressure Filter

  • Standard on every slasher
  • Head is constructed of SG iron material to provide high fatigue strength (6000 psi)
  • High capacity Microglass III elements
  • High precision spool type bypass valve

Heavy-Duty Cylinder Construction

  • Standard heavy duty wall cylinder design
  • Saw arm cyl-standard decelerator on both ends
  • High quality seals and steel chrome piston rod

Bolt Integrity and Sizing

  • Consistent bolt dimensions
  • Each hinge bolt machined from high strength, stress relieved bar stock-100K min. yield strength
  • Accessible grease zerks located at all hinge locations
  • Connex Inc.’s patented split tension bushings

Flip Butt Plate

  • Standard dual 3 1/2″ HD cylinders
  • Long lasting hinge components w/ accessible grease points
  • Hydraulic slide cylinders up to 100″

Heavy Duty Fenders


Saw Guard

  • Protects blade while retracted from grapple/logs. Comes standard on all saws.

Parker F12-150 Saw Motor


  • Heavy duty Cast iron Overhung Load Adapter Eliminates premature motor failure due to overhung loads (axial and radial) on your motor shaft.
  • Prevents contamination of hydraulic fluid in harsh environments.